Posted by: rakitha | November 10, 2009

Tools for Windows Latex Users

Here is a list of nice tools that one needs when they wanted to use Latex in Windows based computers.


The best and most simple editor I found was the LEd, ( One can follow the simple steps given in the page and install the editor.


The one that I have been using is the MikTex version 2.6, ( which works well with the editor that I have been using. This version gives less trouble with the LEd editor.

To View Postscript Format

If you are going to compile to .ps format then you should install Ghostscript interpreter and GSView, a graphical interface for Ghostscript.

To View PDF Format

The most common output of the latex is the .pdf and you can always use the Acrobat Reader but there is one problem  with it. When ever you compile to make the .pdf file if the previous .pdf is opened you will not able to compile properly and need to close the Acrobat Reader which is a pain to do when you so focused with your document work. One of the most simple .pdf reader that will not interfere with the latex .pdf compiler is Sumatra PDF ( So you can compile while the .pdf file is opened if you use Sumatra PDF.

To Attach Images

In latex the most compatible format is .eps for images. One thing that always useful is to have a converter to convert images to .eps. For this and also more advanced image editing one can use the open source program GIMP ( Also If you OpenOffice Draw you can directly convert diagrams into .eps or .pdf files.


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