Posted by: rakitha | March 13, 2010

Setting Up Google Calendar on Mozilla Thunderbird

I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird for a while. Before using this I’ve used Microsoft Outlook 2003 for a while. I was extremely frustrated with the outlook with frequent crashes and keep leaving mails to be sent on the outbox and complain about it. Up to now Mozilla Thunderbird gave me worry free e mail access to my Gmail, hotmail and university account.
Now I just set up Mozilla Thunderbird to access Google Calendar. To do this one needs to have two add-ons installed to Mozilla Thunderbird.

1. Lightning 1.0b1 that allows to create local and network (Google calendar for example) calendars.

2 Provider for Google Calendar 0.6b1 that will allow specifically Google calendars to be viewed and edited within Mozilla Thunderbird.

Now you have setup Mozilla Thunderbird to access Google calendar. Follow the steps below to complete the access to the Google calendars.

1. In the Mozilla Thunderbird File menu,
select new -> Calendar

2. Select “On the Network” and click Next
3. Select “Google Calendar” and needs calendar address to be filled.
Here is how you get the calendar access
Go to Google Calendar web page.
i. Click on the link “Settings” (top left corner in the page)
ii. Click “Calendars” tab/link
iii. Click the name of the calendar you want connect with the Mozilla Thunderbird
iv. In the “Private Address” section, right click on the “ICAL” link/button and select “Copy link location”
v. Past this on the calendar address in the Mozilla Thunderbird calendar window that you were editing. As an added security you can change “http:” to “https” in the address box

4. Now you need to enter the Google email account user name and password to access the calendar.
5. Once you done with it, you can view/edit Google Calendar within Mozilla Thunderbird.



  1. Thanks a lot!

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