Posted by: rakitha | May 8, 2011

Fixing the gtk error ” CRITICAL **: murrine_style_draw_box: assertion `height >= -1′ failed” in Ubuntu

This error is related to the gtk settings related to Ubuntu theme currently applied. I was using the theme “Radiance” and I’ve seen entries about the same error in the “Ambiance” theme. To fix this I have followed following steps,

  1. open the following configuration fileas root,
    sudo emacs /usr/share/themes/Radiance/gtk-2.0/gtkrc

    Note that I have opened the file related to the “Radiance” theme. Make sure to open the correct file related to the applied theme of yours

  2. Change the following,
    GtkRange::trough-under-steppers = 0


    GtkRange::trough-under-steppers = 1
  3. This should fix the bug.
  4. References, The Hack List and Ubuntu bug report


  1. I met this problem in gitg.
    And thx, it’s did fix the bug. 😀

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