Rakitha Beminiwattha is currently working with the Qweak collaboration (http://www.jlab.org/qweak/) at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF) (Newport News, Virginia) as a research assistant mentored by Julie Roche and Paul King. He is a fourth year graduate student studying for his PhD in particle physics wanting to be an experimental physicist one day. His research interest includes Precision tests of the Standard Model (SM), search for new physics beyond the SM and developing Data Acquisition (DAQ) and data analysis software for the Qweak experiment, a precision particle physics experiment at TJNAF.
Rakitha enrolled in the Ohio University in 2007 fall as graduate student after completing the bachelor degree in science with physics major and chemistry and mathematics as minor subjects from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka where he is native. His experimental background as an undergraduate science major includes developing and programming electronic modules, experience with programming languages, for his undergraduate project that involved developing a active noise control system. This background has helped him in his thesis research work. Rakitha joined the Nucleon Electro-Weak Structure (NEWS) group in 2008 as a thesis student on the group and since then working on the Qweak experiment.
Apart from being a hard-working physics graduate student, Rakitha like to do hiking, bicycling and camping. He also likes to travel and visit national parks. So in that sense most beautiful place in the Athens for Rakitha is the Dow Lake at the Strouds Run State Park. One of the best things to do in the lake is to kayaking during the fall. It is so beautiful and peaceful. Now that he has moved out from the Athens in search for new physics beyond the Standard Model in to Newport News Virginia, Rakitha misses People at Ohio University, Ohio University itself and the Athens city a lot. But said that I found new home welcoming and have had an enjoyable time in east coast.


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