Posted by: rakitha | February 28, 2011

Installing GIT, The Fast Version Control System, in Ubuntu

GIT is a version control system that can easily be configured so you can keep track of your coding. If you wiling to keep a public repository git would give you the server and I think it has no restrictions as long as you keep them public.

Check out the latest version of the GIT from the repository. All the versions could be found in,
GIT Source.
I have checked outgit-1.7.4
Steps are given below

  1. Un-tar the files
    tar xvjf ~/Downloads/git-1.7.4.tar.bz2 
  2. Create a soft link to the source code directory
    ln -s  git-1.7.4 git 
  3. Go to the source code directory
     cd git
  4. Configure the GIT
     ./configure --prefix=/[absolute-path]/git/ 
  5. Compile the source
    sudo make install
  6. Now the git is ready to use
  7. Try
    ./git version

    to check it is working

  8. Now set the PATH variable to git:bin directory
    export PATH=$HOME/software/git:$PATH
  9. Now it is time to create the first GIT repository

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